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Friday, 26 October 2012

Kids join hands to unite Neha-Vikram and Ram-Priya in Bade Achhe...

Balaji Telefilms’ Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, on Sony Entertainment Television, is currently witnessing Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram’s (Ram Kapoor) tiff over Pihu’s (Amrita Mukherjee) custody.
But Priya has nothing to fall back upon (in terms of financial security) in the event of her getting her daughter’s custody. Upon guessing that…Rajat (Samir Kochhar), in order to help Priya gifts his Dubai shop to her.
The upcoming episodes will see Rajat handing over the papers of his shop to Priya. This will not go down well with Ram. He will think that something is brewing between Rajat and Priya.
Seeing all this, a hurt Rajat will decide to return to Dubai. However, Pihu and Daisa (Kanika Shivpuri) will stop Rajat from doing so.
On the other hand, Rahul (Anshul Pandey) will call his mother Neha (Tarana Raja) back home but she will be adamant in her decision to stay with Priya and Pihu.
Furthermore, Cady, with Pihu’s help, will speak to Ram and Priya to sort out their differences. All the kids will now join hands and make sure that Neha-Vikram (Jai Kalra) and Ram-Priya unite.

Will Pihu bring back Ram and PRiya?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Pihu bring Ram and Priya together?






The rolu-polu Kapoor and his estranged wife are inching closer on the bridge built by their daughter

Knowingly or unknowingly Ram Kapoor and Priya are spending quality time with each other for Pihu’s sake. And the li’l one is incessantly harping about the fights her parents keep having over things like ice-cream, parties and school – mostly over her. We do believe fighting in front of children is a big no-no, but the way the couple does it is too cute. The constant bickering is probably the only entertainment on Bade Acche Lagte Hain at the moment. And we’d take that any day over Ayesha’s constant planning and plotting against her big sister Priya.
Pihu in her cute little ways keeps reminding Ram and Priya that she’d prefer her parents laugh, have fun and keep feeding her rather than fight over silly things. We notice that Ram’s finally letting his anger go over Priya’s so-called-betrayal – boy are we glad! We wonder what Pihu will do next to keep her parents from pulling each other’s hair out. Till then we are glad at the pace at which the show is going as it’s really nice to see the cute couple co-exist willingly or otherwise.
What we are really waiting for is the couple to shed their egos and come together for good. But will Pihu manage to unite her parents is what remains to be seen. What do you think?

Party and Feasting in Priya s House

The portrayal of Ram losing his temper on Priya, and her sharp retorts to thwart him out of his senses are a real fun to watch. His squirming body and round face turning red due to agitation is a sight to behold. We love Bade Acche Lagte Hain” more and more, each day we watch you:

Kady’s stay over in Mumbai
Rahul sure has a reason to smile as Kady tells him to take her for a job interview and her plans to stay on in Mumbai till Peehu’s custody case is solved. Rahul seems to be making a place for himself in Kady’s life and home. He gets lured by Daijaan’s love for Kady and asks her to bless him.
The ruffled Ram Kapoor
Ram comes to Priya’s home and catches her shocked. So he asks her if she was expecting someone else, an unexpected retort from Priya that she is expecting the dhobi has Ram ruffled. He is cut down to size by his razor sharp wife when he asks about the setting up of the computer.
The casual bantering amuses the onlooker bringing a smile onto their faces as Ram tells Priya he has purchased Peehu’s school dress.
The price tag on the dress has Priya retaliate that it was better to purchase the dress from Ghatkopar. Insulted Ram names Priya “Miss Ghatkopar” and tells her Ram Kapoor’s kid does not wear stuff from Ghatkopar shops.
Some more snappy comments and light hearted quips are showered between Ram Priya when he asks her about a washing machine and she tells him she will send Peehu’s clothes to Kapoor Mansion for washing.
Party celebrations at Priya’s house
There is a celebratory atmosphere in Priya’s house as Neha and Priya have their hands full with the preparations for Peehu’s admission and House warming party. Ram might get angry, say anything, but it seems in heart of hearts he has a tender corner for Priya as he sends a caterer to Priya’s house to ease her load.
Ram plays with Khush
Ram is after all a gentleman and is greatly irked by Ayesha treating Khush in a “military manner”! He tells Khush he will be seeing Peehu soon and tells Khush to take over as the “big protecting brother“. Khush promises to take care of Peehu and make her his best friend.
Rehan and Vikram
Vikram calls up Rehan yelling at him for meeting Neha. He is zapped as someone else picks the phone and tells Vikram that Rehaan is unwell. The “large hearted” Vikram rushes over and takes Rehaan home for treatment.
Natasha cuts Shipra down to size
Shipra plans to hop over to Ayesha’s house to “pick her up” and bring her back to Priya’s house. Nuts and Sudhir reprimand her for having no value of money and petrol and Natasha gets the chance to tell Shipra that staying with Sharma’s had taught her the value of money. An angry Shipra leaves the Sharma house in a blooming temper.
Emotions were at their peak in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Thursday, let’s wait and watch for what happens next week!!

October 24th Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 24
In last night's (October 24) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Rehan comes to meet Neha in her apartment and asks her why he can't live with her. She takes him downstairs for a chat. Next the bell rings again and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) opens the door to find a courier that Ram (Ram Kapoor) sent for Peehu. She sees the amount of gifts and calls Mr Kapoor. Both start fighting over the amount of gifts sent to Peehu. In the end, Priya decides to keep most of the gifts in her parents house as there is not enough space to keep in her apartment. Priya tells Peehu of the gifts that her father sent, but promises to give her those gifts one every month as they have been following till now.
Just then Priya realises that she needs to give the receipt and goes down. At the basement, Priya spots Neha talking to Rehan. Rehan wants to stay with her. Neha tells him that he can't stay with her as her kids come to meet her and also its very difficult to accept the love child of your spouse.
Later, Neha tells Priya that Rehan is her love child that she had before she met Vikram. Neha weeps uncontrollably and tells Priya that she wanted to tell Vikram about her past, but he always told her that her past is her past and it didn't matter to him. She also states that her mother lied to her about the kid dying and her mother dumping Rehan at the orphanage.
Priya tells Neha that she & Vikram taught her & Ram to love, and so you both must talk and come up with a solution. She praises Neha for retaining her calm for so long.

October 22 Serial Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain - October 22
In yesterday's (October 22) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) is seen complaining to Neha regarding Ram. She tells her that Ram takes too long to bathe. Neha ask her to relax as he is Mr Kapoor and he can easily get admission for his daughter. Priya says that she doesn't want Peehu to get admission just because of her father.
Priya and Ram along with Peehu are in school and they sit in last as they were late. Principal calls Peehu and asks her about her parents. She calls Peehu and ask for her full name. Peehu replies, "Peehu Kapoor." He then asks her what her father does? Peehu replies he is a businessman and his favourite colour is red, and his favourite food is aalu ka pharata. Then the principal ask about Priya. Peehu say she is the best mom in the world and she loves me a lot. Peehu goes on to add that mama is untidy and sometimes she does mistakes and that's why papa gets angry on her. Principal asks her to go back and asks Ram and Priya if they heard what Peehu said. Ram tells the principal the truth (he is meeting his wife and daughter after 5 years separation). Principal says that in the second round, they would be having a cooking competition where they will see how the parents perform as team. Ram say anything for Peehu. Priya promises to do the best as a team.
Rahul comes and ask Neha if he can live with her since Vikram got angry at him. Neha explains to him that Vikram might be stressed. She asks him to continue to live there since he has to take care of his younger siblings.
Back in school, Priya helps Ram in wearing apron. Principal asks what they would prepare for Peehu and Ram replies, "chocolate eclairs."
After the time is over, Peehu is asked to taste chocolate eclairs and she says, "It's yummi mama papa." Priya and Ram are elated and they are all ready to hug, but stop when principal calls them to her office.
Rajat tells Kady that they will live in Mumbai for some more days.
Neha comes to Vikram's office and asks him why he did not reveal the truth about Rehan to the kids. She tells him clearly that if he cannot do so, she will inform the children.
Principal gives admission form to Ram and Priya and ask them to sign it. Ram says that they should party, and Peehu is very happy. Both Priya and Ram start arguing about where the party will be held - in Kapoor mansion or in Priya's new apartment. At last Ram agrees to having the party in Priya's new flat.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Surprise its Neha not Vikram!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when a man realizes he has a daughter after 5 years? He misses out on the moments of her growing up, making little demands, and the joyful expressions made at receiving things. A stinking rich Ram having crores of rupees has realized he is one such poor father!! Unable to hold back his emotions he decides to shower Peehu with gifts, but is it justified?

Ram goes overboard with Peehu’s gifts
Ting tong, rings the bell! Snap, it’s the overloaded courier guy! He has loads of gifts for Peehu that has Priya turn a shade of red at the overindulgence by Ram.
On questioning him she hears the constant rattle of “Peehu Kapoor is Ram Kapoor’s daughter“. This has the calm and composed Priya flutter into a ruffled state. Ram goes overboard as he sends Ac’s and pillows for Peehu too, complaining about the uncomfortable pillows in Priya’s drawing room.
No explanations appease Ram as Priya tries desperately to assure him that Peehu lives in comfort with her.
She ultimately comes to the conclusion of not spoiling Peehu and handing over the gifts to her daughter, one by one spaced over time, as she has always done.
Priya oversees Neha and Rehaan together
We all have been racking our brains as to the relation between Vikram and Rehaan , but Lo behold!! What’s this? Vikram doesn’t seem to be the guilty party! Rehaan is “closely related” to Neha. He is Neha’s child out of wedlock and longs to live with her as a family.
Neha admits to Priya that she had been involved with a boy in her past and ended up pregnant. She had given birth to a child who had been handed over to the orphanage without her knowledge.
Years had passed and she had found her soul mate in Vikram but her efforts to tell him about her past had been overruled by the “understanding” Vikram. But fate had played tricks on her and Rehaan had popped up in her life and she was at her wits end as to what to do about it.
Acting as the supporting friend Priya tells Neha she has been influenced greatly by the love shared by Vikram and Neha. Neha may decide to give her marriage another chance as Priya convinces her that her stance needs to be deeply appreciated and that her love for her husband stands undisputed. The mutual love they have needs to be sorted out, it is possible affirms Priya to the crest fallen Neha.
What a relief when a baggage of hidden emotion is released and taken off the chest? We are sure Neha must have felt the same and you can’t even guess the relief the viewers must have felt at the exposing of Rehaan’s secret.
Weeks of suspense ended yesterday as Neha finally let the cat out of the bag!! Why don’t you share your feelings with us and read on for more spicy moments!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ram to organize a housewarming party for Neha and Priya in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Ram to organize a housewarming party for Neha and Priya in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Balaji Telefilms’ Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Sony Entertainment Television recently saw a sequence wherein Pihu (Amrita Mukherjee) got admission in school. Ram (Ram Kapoor) and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) are super excited about it. We have also seen that kids have been making efforts to sort out differences between Neha (Tarana Raja) and Vikram (Jai Kalra). Well…the coming episodes will churn out more interesting drama.
Our source informs us that Ram will organize a housewarming party for Neha and Priya as they helped Pihu in the admission process. Apart from the gratitude factor, the hidden motive will be to bring Neha and Vikram together. On the other hand, Priya will be happy seeing the bonding of Ram and Pihu.
Furthermore, Pihu will be overjoyed seeing Ram and Priya happy together and not picking up a fight. In the party, Neha and Vikram will ignore each other but Priya and Ram will continue with their efforts of sorting out differences between the estranged couple.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ram Protective Towards Priya

Pain of separation from Priya for 5 long years has Ram still nursing his wounds in private but has him side with Priya in a big way. As much as you hide your feelings Ram, Priya still holds the key to your heart!! Right people?

The family orientation
As Ram drops Peehu and Priya home he takes a dig at her once more. He tells Peehu he loves to spend time with her and excludes Priya from the conversation. His hurt is evident as he tells Priya she has managed on her own for 5 years, and now its his chance. He turns down Priya’s proposal to take a taxi to school the next day by saying he will pick both of them.
Friendship rocks
Neha asks Peehu about the day she spent with her parents. As an excited Peehu starts to rattle off the events of the day excitedly, Rajat walks in. He plays around with Peehu joking and playing leaving her giggly and in splits of glee.
Rajat tells Priya the custody case is shaping up well and he hands over the ownership papers of the book shop in Dubai to her. He tells her that a comfortable financial condition is a must for Peehu’s custody. Rajat reminisces that he remembers Priya’s strong bonding of love and laughter with her daughter from Dubai days and never wants to see her without that.
Rajat further tells her that he has a very small circle of close friends and now Priya, aka Pooja, aka Ms. Sharma, aka Mrs. Kapoor is an integral part of it. Hearing all the names and the query from Rajat to tell him if she has another name too has a smile slip in from a tearful Priya.
Rajat contently looks on as he sees Priya smile and accept the shop papers. He tells her this was “pay back time” for him as she had done the same for him and told him the importance of relationships. Priya was responcible for keeping the “writer - Anjaan“ alive in him.
Neha’s family
Vikram reaches home to see his children mope around for their mother. He makes them talk to Neha on the phone, and his deep connectivity with his children has Neha thank him profusely.
Ram’s protective stance
Ayesha takes Ram to see the room she has done up for Peehu. She casually mentions the lunch party Ram had with Peehu and Priya, that had him angrily retort back. He tells Ayesha that she maybe Mrs. Ram Kapoor but Priya is the mother of his daughter and his loyalties in that direction are assured.
A pompous Ayesha boasts of her Mrs. Ram Kapoor status to mamaji, who tells her that if Ram can part ways with Priya after loving her to oblivion then what will happen to Ayesha as there is no love lost between them!
The episode ends as Shipra hits Natasha below the belt for her culinary efforts in the kitchen. A confident Natasha retorts back that she has to do this as Shipra is nothing but a weekend visitor in the Sharma house. The final call of the “reconnection” wish of Ram Priya by Natasha has Shipra stunned. Read on this space for more juicy tidbits. 

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 15 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 15 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 15
In last night's (October 15) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram (Ram Kapoor) and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) are fighting regarding Peehu's admission. Peehu tells Priya that she wants to go back to Dubai since her father was golu uncle out there, but in Mumbai, he is always angry. Ram feels bad and promises Peehu to never lose his calm and always keep smiling. Peehu asks him to promise that he will be friends with her mom and will never fight. She asks them to shake hands. The two are embarrassed but shake their hands.
In the Kapoor mansion, Ayesha is at the breakfast table and is trying to be good to everybody. Dadi and Krishna ji are confused seeing Ayesha behaving in such a way.
Back at Vikram's house, Vikram is getting his children ready for the school and they all are missing Neha. Rohan calls Vikram and he leaves.
Ram, Priya and Peehu are in the car. Priya asks Ram as to where they are going. Ram tells her that he will make sure that Peehu is admitted in the best school. They both are about to fight again when they notice Peehu staring at them. Peehu tells Ram that she is hungry and wants to eat noodles. Ram asks the driver to take them to a 5 star hotel. Priya asks Ram as to why they need to go to a 5 star hotel to have noodles and they both start to fight again. Peehu warns them and Ram tells her that they were just joking!
The lawyer tells Rajat that the only weakness in Peehu's custody case is Priya's financial condition. Rajat informs the lawyer about Priya's book stall in Dubai and so the lawyer assures him that Priya will win the custody of Peehu. Lawyer leaves and DJ ask Rajat not to worry.
Ayesha and Shipra arrive at a restaurant and are sitting there with their friends. Ayesha's friends asks her why they were late and Ayesha says that while she was leaving, Ram came with a surprise gift! Right at that time, one of her friends spots Ram and Priya along with Peehu enter the restaurant and remarks, "Oh gifts for you and time for his first wife!" Ayesha notices Ram and is shocked.
Precap: Principal asking Peehu her address and she tells her that that she lives with her mother in her flat while her Papa lives elsewhere.

Ayesha Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems Ram Kapoor can’t keep himself his mind off from Peehu and Priya. The family orientation has given him the opportunity to stick around his “Rockstar” daughter and Priya. “Bade Ache Lagte hain” saw an insecure Ayesha, an angry Kady and a very balanced Rajat yesterday. Read on for more

Ram stays over at Priya’s flat
Ram barges in at Priya’s pad clutching an album under his arm to coach Peehu on the blissful past moments Priya and Ram had spent together. As Ram looks around he realizes Priya has settled in.
A flustered Priya beckons Peehu to come and see the snaps. Devotedly Peehu questions her father, about her mother’s attractive looks. An unwilling Ram is forced to admit to Priya’s good looks in the picture. Peehu is taught to call herself Peehu Kapoor and to tell the Principal that Ram, Priya and Peehu all live together under the same roof lovingly as a family.
As sleep takes over the “round and cute” Peehu falls asleep and starts to snore. The relished “aloo parantha “, the shared favorite “red color “ and the snoring has Ram visibly shaken in surprise. He is touched and extremely happy at the connections he shares with his daughter.
Ram’s laborious efforts at cramming Peehu’s habits has him fall asleep on the Diwan. A caring Priya adjusts the fan and makes Ram comfortable for the night.
Priya wakes up Ram who wishes her a good morning with a beaming smile catching her shockingly unawares. Emotions of love shine at their peak in the few moments of closeness making the seconds delightful for the audiences. Embarrassed at his own reactions of weakness, Ram gets up in an agitated state and tells Priya he will call the driver for a fresh set of clothes from Kapoor Mansion.
Ayesha flustered
Its worry time for the scheming Ayesha!! Ayesha is upset when she realizes that Ram had not returned home the previous night. Her insecure anger touches the skies as she sees the driver take Ram’s clothes to Priya’s flat. Mamaji’s goading remarks that now Ram has his hands full in the daytime as well as the night with Priya and Peehu, sends Ayesha into a apprehensively turbulent mood .
Cady confronts Rehan
Cady comes to Rehan’s workplace and aggressively questions him as to why he had ruined Rahul’s birthday bash. She needs the answers as to why Rehan created turmoil in the blissful life of the Shergill family.
An impudent Rehan tells her to go and complain about him to the employers for his actions. He further tells Kady to question Vikram and not him for the answers to the situation.
Rajat pledges friendship to Priya
Once a friend always a friend. Rajat pledged his friendship to Priya and now is all set to prove it. He decides to postpone his return to Dubai and decides to take up a service house in Mumbai to render his support to Priya no matter what.
“Bade achhe lagte hain “, ended this week on a very exciting mode. We all wait together to see Ram and Priya face the wrath of the Principal on Monday. Will Peehu get admission? What will Ayesha do? See this space for more exciting news

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 18 Serial Update

In Last night's (October 18) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram (Ram Kapoor) lands up at Priya's (Sakshi Tanwar) doorstep. Priya asks whether everything is fine. Ram replies, "Should I answer all the questions from here itself?" Priya welcomes Ram inside.

Ram tells Priya that he wants to make sure that he should understand Peehu better and so must she. Priya calls for Peehu. Peehu comes out and hugs Ram. Ram shows Peehu an album that would give Peehu more of an idea about him and family.

Priya then brings Peehu's things to Ram. The three of them are having a good time and bond well. Ram finds Peehu snoring and feels happy. Priya notices Ram sleeping with rhymes book on him. Priya takes off the book and speeds up the fan and leaves saying good night to Ram.

Next day morning, Priya slowly wakes Ram calling him. Ram wakes up smiling and wishes Priya 'good morning'. Priya tells him that they are getting late for orientation. Ram tells Priya that if he goes home he would get late so he would ask his driver to bring his clothes and asks Priya to get Peehu ready.

Rajat is at the hotel and tells dhaija that they would stay in Mumbai till Peehu's custody case gets solved and he has booked a service house so that they can feel home. Kady comes to the bakery where Rehan works and asks him why he has spoiled Rahul's birthday. Rehan sends away Kady giving reckless answers.

Aayesha finds their worker taking Ram's clothes. When she asks them, they reply that Ram has asked them to bring his clothes to Priya's house. Mamaji taunts Ayesha that Ram will be spending his time with Priya and she should be content being known as 'Ayesha Ram Kapoor'.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 17 Serial Update

In last night's (October 17) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram (Ram Kapoor) comes to drop Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) and Peehu to their house. Peehu asks Ram if he enjoyed being with mumma and Peehu? Ram says, "I like being with Peehu only." Ram then tells them that he will come to pick them up tomorrow in the morning, but Priya says that she will manage. Ram tells her that since she has been managing for the past five years, he would like to manage now. Both talk cordially in the presence of Peehu. When they return home, Neha asks Priya to tell her what they did. Peehu tells her all that happened in detail. Rajat comes to meet Priya and Neha takes Peehu inside to hear rest of the story.

Rajat tells Priya that he has made arrangements to bring Peehu and Priya's stuff from Dubai. Priya thanks him a lot. Rajat then hands over the papers of the Dubai shop to Priya. He tells her that he made the bookstore in her name. Priya refuses to accept. He tells her that it is a business deal and he will discuss it with her once this case is over. Priya is very emotional and finally Rajat is able to cheer her up.

Ayesha shows Peehu's well-decked room to Ram. He is impressed and remarks that he hopes Peehu likes it as well. Ayesha then asks him about their lunch. Ram figures out what she is trying to say and asks her to remain within her limits. He says, "Yes, you are Mrs Ram Kapoor, but it's also true that Priya is mother of my daughter and whenever Peehu needs both her parents, we will be together for sure." He leaves.

Shipra is shocked seeing Natasha work hard in the kitchen. Natz tells her that she will be back giving some special drink to Peehu. Shipra tells her that she is getting too attached to Peehu. Natz tells her that Peehu is cute and just like her brother. Natz remarks that Peehu will bring Ram and Priya closer. Shipra gets lost in thoughts and Natz goes to Priya's house.

Ayesha tells mamaji about what Ram told her. Mamaji tells her that she can't trust what he says. It's late night and Ram comes to Priya's house. She starts bombarding him with questions. Ram asks her, will you ask everything here or invite me inside? Priya invites him inside.

Precap: In the morning, Priya wakes up Ram and smilingly he says, "Good morning" to Priya. Priya seems happy.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I do not think Ayesha is a negative character": Chahat Khanna

Beginning her acting career at the age of 16, Chahat Khanna aka Ayesha Ram Kapoor of Bade Acche Lagte Hai has come a long way. We spoke to the actress to find out about her role, personal life and much more...

After the leap, do you relate to the negative Ayesha in Bade Acche Lagte Hai?
I don't relate to it, however I don't think its a very negative character. She is just fighting for her rights and is right about her stand. It is not about being negative, she is just being a little mean and thinking about her future which everyone does now-a-days.

There have been a lot speculation lately about your relationship status. What do you have to say to this?

I am not with him anymore.

Being an actress you are always under media scanner, how do you feel about it?

I feel very irritated, because if a random girl marries 400 guys and date 5000 guys no one comes to know, but if an actress dates 1 man and breaks up people think she is characterless.

Any fun incident that has happened on the set recently?

Not really, as I haven't been shooting with Ram Kapoor and Saakshi Tanwar lately, but when I do shoot with them, these moments do come.

You favourite actor and actress?

I don't like anyone in TV but I do like Hrithik Roshan. I believe he is an all rounder.
Which is the movie that you saw recently and liked it a lot?

I watched Barfi which I liked a lot. I loved Priyanka Chopra in it and Ranbir Kapoor was good too.
Your favourite dish?

Rajma rice.
Your good luck charm?

I don't have any good luck charm but I can say my angel is one.

Any phobia?


Your inspiration in acting?

i do not have an inspiration in particular, but it depends who inspires me at a given time.

Would you say yes if you were offered Bigg Boss?

I was offered Bigg Boss Season 6 but I declined the offer because of date issues and my family didn't want me to do it anyway.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys desperately to see them in the serial like the pic!!!!!!!!!!!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

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Keep watching BALH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 9 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 9 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 9

In yesterday's (October 9) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Vikram and Ram (Ram Kapoor) are having a chat while in Vikram's house, Neha and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) are having a heart-to-heart talk.
Vikram is visibly upset and has no idea how his problems can be solved. Ram tells Vikram that the one who is closest to our heart is the one who hurt us most. Vikram tells Ram that he still loves Priya.
Meanwhile, Neha thinks that problems can be solved. Priya tells Neha that Ram hates her. Priya gets a call from Shruthi saying that she can collect the room keys tomorrow. Priya tells Neha that she is moving to another house with Peehu. Neha asks Priya if she can stay with her for a few days so that she can get resolve the problem. Priya agrees.
Ram is troubled hearing about Vikram and Neha's divorce plans and wonders why his holiday plan also flopped. He wishes that Priya was there so that all problems could be solved. Priya too is sitting in the car and wishing that Ram was with her to sort out the matter. She even makes a call to Ram to seek his help, but he doesn't answer her call.
Mamaji advices Ayesha to be more responsible towards Khush and take care of her. He tells Ayesha that it's important to prove to Ram that she is a responsible mom and will take good care of Peehu. Ayesha agrees.
Natasha will be getting Khush ready for school. Peehu is sad that she can't go to school here in Mumbai. Khush asks Peehu to accompany him to school and Peehu hurries to get ready. Meanwhile, Ayesha calls Natasha and ask her to send Khush home since he has to get dressed to go to school. Nats tells Ayesha that he is already ready, but Ayesha demands Nats to send Khush home. Nats hangs the phone.
Kady tells Rahul that his mom Neha will be staying at Priya's place for a couple of days and so the two go to Neha to help her pack her bag. Rajat over hears their conversation.
Neha will be looking at her family picture and feels bad. Vikram comes there and finds Neha has packed all her things. Unwillingly, he allows her to go.
Priya tells Shipra and Sudhir that she along with Peehu will be moving out of their house. Shipra recalls her words asking Priya to leave their house so that Ayesha's married life is not messed up

10 October update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 10 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 10
    In Last night's (October 10) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Priya aka Sakshi Tanwar informs Shipra and Sudheer that she is shifting to her new house today. Sudheer is worried and asks her if anybody has asked her to leave the house.
Priya convinces Sudheer by explaining that back in Dubai, she managed things on her own and so she will be able to handle this as well. Shipra tries to convince Sudheer, and Priya feels bad about it. Sudheer somehow is unwilling to listen and Shipra leaves from there angrily.
Priya assures Sudheer that she would come for morning tea to their home and also tells him that she is sharing the flat with Neha as she too has some issues. Sudhir accepts at last. Priya along with Peehu leaves after she gets a call from Neha saying that she has reached the apartment.
At the hotel, Rajat tells dhai ja that the shop papers have arrived. He tells her that he wants to give it to Priya without hurting her sentiments.
Rahul arrives at Neha and Priya's new apartment. He is upset that Neha and Vikram did not share their problems with him and treated him like a child. Neha apologises to Rahul.
At the Kapoor mansion, Ayesha is speaking over the phone and promises them that she would be attending the function. Mamaji advices her to have dinner with Kapoors so that they can erase Priya from their minds and accept her.
Priya, Kady, Neha and Rahul arrange things in their new home. Priya goes out to fetch some basic essentials for home. Ram comes to Priya's apartment to speak to Neha as he finds out from Vikram that Neha has moved out to a new flat. Ram has to climb the stairs as the lift is being repaired. However, Priya is lucky to get into the repaired lift. Both Ram and Priya reach the floor at the same a time. Ram yells at Priya as according to him, she has asked the watchman to stop the lift so that he had to climb. Priya too screams back and tells him that she has done it and can do more. She says, " I have hiked the prices of petrol and disel these days and even these rains are caused by me."
When Ram finds out that Neha and Priya are sharing the apartment, he tells Neha that he is thankful that at least Vikram is by his side and tells them, "We shall meet in the court". When Ram is about to leave, Priya holds his hand and tells him, "Tomorrow I am going to admit Peehu to school, so parents should go there for admission." Ram calmly walks away. In the car, Ram looks at his hand and recalls the first time when Priya held his hand and feels bad.
Neha asks Priya if she thought that Ram will come tomorrow? Priya replies that though Ram has no love and respect for his wife, he loves his daughter a lot and so he will definitely come.

Sameer’s TV stint not ending

Model-turned actor Sameer Kochhar, who made his debut on TV with the show Bade Acche Lagte Hain, says that his role in the serial is not ending anytime soon.

Sameer essays the role of Rajat, a man who is in love with Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) who was away from her husband Ram (Ram Kapoor) in      
Australia for five years. Since Priya has come back to India in the show, does it mean it will be the end of Sameer’s role?
“There is no way that my role is ending in the show. There’s a lot more in store for the viewers that would take them on a rollercoaster ride,” he says.

As for his experience on working with seasoned TV actors like Sakshi and Ram, Sameer says, “It’s an honor working with co-stars like Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor. Also, the kid Peehu is so cute that I keep on playing with her on the sets.”

Divorce, drama, mystery, love, pain

Divorce, drama, mystery, love, pain and romance in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Balaji Telefilms’ Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Sony Entertainment Television is currently going through a rough patch. On one end, there is Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) andRam (Ram Kapoor) fighting for Pihu’s (Amruta Mukrerjee) custody while on the other, there’s Vikram (Jai Kalra) and Neha’s (Tarana Raja) divorce case.
The drama is soon to intensify.
Our source informs us that currently Neha and Vikram’s divorce sequence is on fire. The family will learn that that Rehaan (Vaibhav) is Neha’s illegitimate son. This will create a lot of chaos among the family members. While Neha and Priya will stay together, Rahul (Anshul Pandey), the son of Neha and Vikram will be shattered.
Furthermore, the court denies custody of Pihu to Ram as since she is very small, she will have to stay with Priya. Ram will be all the more furious and will try to woo Pihu. This will annoy Rajat as he is supporting Priya. Rajat (Samir Kochhar), Cady (Arshima Thapar) and the entire Sharma family will try to unanimously unite Priya and Ram who will soon realize that Pihu cannot stay without Priya.
On the other hand, Cady and Rahul will fall in love with each other. And Rehan will also feel for Cady. A love triangle to be foreseen.
When we contacted Anshul about the upcoming track, he said, “Since we are shooting cut-to-cut, we have no clue as to what will happen, but there’s some amount of mystery that will unfold in the upcoming episodes.”

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Priya & Ram to fight for Pihu's custody

Priya & Ram to fight for Pihu's custody in Bade Achhe...

Priya & Ram to fight for Pihu's custody in Bade Achhe...
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain
Times of India

Balaji Telefilm's Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Sony TV is all set to witness an interesting court room drama between the lead couple of the show Ram ( Ram Kapoor) and Priya ( Sakshi Tanwar).

Sources inform that the show will soon see Ram and Priya battling each other in the court of law. Ram will ask his lawyer to any how prove in the court that Priya is a negligent mother. Their fight will take an ugly turn when Ram will tell Priya that Pihu should go to a better school but Priya will not agree to it. Ram will argue saying that he can afford good facilities for Pihu and she should go to a reputed school.

The source further goes on to say that the court will deny Pihu's custody to Ram as she is still small and hence she will stay with Priya. The entire Sharma family will keep trying different ways to unite Priya and Ram.

Well, now it will be interesting to see whether Sharma families efforts turn fruitful or not.

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October 2 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 2 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 2

In last night's (October 2) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Vikram teases Ram (Ram Kapoor) for bringing some 'boyish' toys for Peehu. Then the two go to the mall and buy some good toys that little girls would like.
Neha and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) are discussing about how things would change after one month when Ram would take Peehu away from Priya. Neha points out to Priya that Ram would have appointed the best lawyer in town. Priya is nervous and tells Neha that she doesn't want to think about it. Peehu walks in and mother-daughter duo have a sweet conversation.
Peehu calls Ram and says, "Guess, who am I?" Ram jokingly says, "Maybe a Boy!" The two share a cute conversation and Peehu asks Ram to meet her now. Ram is obviously happy and agrees. Vikram is watching this and feels happy for Ram.
Ayesha is in her room and is teaching her son Khush to ask Ram, "After my sister will come home, will you play and love me still?" Khush doesn't get his line correct, and Ayesha gets angry. Mamaji is watching all this.
Rajat meets Priya and assures her to side her and not Ram since he feels that a mother's love for her child is more important that his friendship with Ram. Rajat tells Priya that they can file a case against Ram for illegally marrying Ayesha and tells her that legally, she is still Ram's wife. Priya tells Rajat that she does not want to fight against Ram since Peehu is the one who will be affected. She wants the matter to be resolved at home.
Ram comes to meet Peehu at Sharma's house. Peehu calls out "Papa" and rushes into Ram's arms. Ram informs everyone in Kapoor mansion that whoever thinks he is wrong may leave his house.
Precap: Shipra asks Priya to go back to the place where she has been in the past five years since Ayesha's marriage will be in danger.

3 October Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 3 Serial Update

 Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 3
In last night's (October 3) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Neha tells Vikram about how badly Ram (Ram Kapoor) behaved with Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) when he went to meet Peehu. Vikram says that he thought he would explain things to Ram once he cools down, but the situation is getting worse. Neha suggests that they should throw a party on Rahul's birthday and invite both Ram and Priya. She tells Vikram that this will give them ample time to confront each other and resolve their issues. Neha also tells Vikram that after the party they should tell their kids about their divorce. Vikram agrees.
Rahul comes to Rajat's house and invites him, Kady and dhaija for his birthday party. Priya agrees to attend Rahul's party after a lot of persual from Neha. In the Kapoor mansion, Ram thinks that Vikram and Neha would feel bad if he doesn't attend Rahul's birthday party. Ayesha tells him that it would be better to send a gift to Rahul on his birthday as Priya too will be there.

Shipra asks Priya to go back to Dubai with Peehu as she might spoil Ayesha's married life. Priya replies that Ram is angry with her since she hid Peehu away from him for the past five years and tells Shipra that she doesn't want to repeat the mistake. Priya further tells her mom that if she is worried as a mother, she too is concerned about the well-being of her child. Priya then promises to leave the house soon, but refuses to leave the city. Shipra seems worried.
At Rahul's party, the guest starts coming in and wish Rahul on his birthday.
Krishna ji thanks Priya for giving a beautiful gift for them, referring to Peehu. Ram arrives at the party with Ayesha. When somebody enquires about his health, Ram tells the person that his wife is his medicine and he is feeling refreshed (Ram is well aware that Priya is nearby and says that deliberately to hurt her) since his wife Ayesha is with him. Priya overhears his words and feels very hurt.
Precap: Priya tells Peehu that she will never leave her and Ram asks her to stop lying to a child as she has done with others for the past five years

4 october Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 4 Serial Update

Bade Acche Lagte Hain – October 4
In last nights (October 4) episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram tells everybody in the party that since the time he is out of hospital, he is feeling fresh, and the credit goes to his wife Ayesha. Priya is hurt and cries silently. Reshab comes up to Priya and tells her that they are ignoring her only because they are concerned about Ram's health. Priya replies its okay.
Peehu goes up to Ram and hugs him. Ram gifts her a box of chocolates. Ram, Peehu and Ayesha take a family picture, and seeing this, Priya feels very bad. She calls her friend and asks her to give a house for rent as soon as possible. Priya finds Khush playing all alone and goes up to him and tries to befriend him. Khush asks her if she is Priya angel and if she can make all things fine. Priya gets emotional, but feels bad that she couldn't make all things fine.
Natasha confronts Ram and asks him to stop treating Priya so badly. Ram says that Priya is being punished for her mistakes and then tells her not to interfere. During a short playful conversation, Khush informs Peehu that she would be coming to his house to stay. Peehu gets doubt and goes up to Priya to ask if what Khush said is right.
Priya tells her, "As mama promised you, I will never leave you alone any day." Ram overhears and tells her to stop lying at least to a child. Priya requests him to avoid talking about custody before Peehu. Ram asks Peehu whether she liked Mumbai or Dubai better, and Peehu replies Mumbai. Ram is very happy and tells her that she will stay in Mumbai forever now. Peehu asks Priya if that's true and Priya asks her to go to Nanu and have some thing to eat. Ram shows the custody papers to Priya. Priya is shocked and pleads to Ram to not make Peehu suffer. Ram goes on to insult her further when a lady comes up to him and enquires about his health.
Vikram and Neha thanks all the guests for coming to the party. All gather near the cake. When Neha opens the cake, everybody is shocked to find a divorce cake of her and Vikram. Kady points out to the guy whom she gave the order to. Ram is furious at the guy. The boy tells Ram that he too is a member of this family. Ram is all set to hit the boy when Vikram stops him. He tells Ram that whatever the guy is saying is true. Vikram breaks the news of his and Neha's divorce. Ram walks off from there and all follow him. Priya's family too leaves the party.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ayesha 2 turn Positive

Ayesha to turn positive in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Chahat Khanna
Balaji Telefilms’ Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Sony Entertainment Television is currently witnessing a new phase in Ram (Ram Kapoor) and Priya’s (Sakshi Tanwar) life wherein Ram has got to know that Priya is alive and Pihu (Amrita Mukherjee) is their daughter.
The current sequence shows Ram wanting to take Pihu along with him as he is the legal father of the child. In the upcoming episodes, Priya will let Pihu stay with Ram and Ram will feel bad that Priya isn’t taking any action against him.
Cady (Arshima Thapar), Rajat (Samir Kochhar) and the entire Kapoor family is helping Ram and Priya to unite, however Ayesha (Chahat Khanna), who is not the legal wife of Ram will be categorically told by the family what her actual status is. The entire family will prove that Ram and Priya never headed for divorce and they can’t be separated and Ayesha never married Ram.
However, Ayesha’s mother (Renuka Israni) will be very hurt in seeing the plight of her daughter, Priya. She will make Ayesha realise her mistake and will tell her to help Ram and Priya unite. Upon hearing all this, Ayesha will feel guilty of her doings and will make sure that she helps her sister Priya and Ram come together

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